2020 First Look

Check out the 2020 First Look video featuring Vice President of Retail External Partnerships, Craig Uchytil
This material is confidential and for contracted, licensed and appointed agent use only. This material, including any subpart(s), is not to be used as marketing and is not to be provided to a prospect, an applicant, member, group or the general public. Any dissemination of 2020 plan benefits prior to October 1, 2019 is strictly prohibited. Benefits are subject to CMS approval and may change. For ensured accuracy of plan benefit data, please refer to the 2020 Summary of Benefits.
Welcome to the first and most comprehensive look at Humana’s Medicare health plans for 2020. 
As always, we’ve put together a wide selection of offerings to meet your customers’ needs and help you reach your sales goals.
Your success is our success, so we do everything we can to help you succeed. That means creating and offering coverage choices your customers will want, will find fairly priced and will use to take care of their health. That’s the definition of value.
Bruce D. Broussard,
President and CEO
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