Putting human care into action

At Humana, we don’t just tell our people we care, we show them. We show them by waiving many out-of-pocket costs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We show them by tackling social determinants on health through our Bold Goal strategy, which partners with local organizations to help ease food insecurity, reduce social isolation and ensure members don't miss appointments due to lack of transportation. We show them by always putting members and their communities at the center of everything we do—and our agents, too, by providing easy access to information and the tools and support you need for a seamless sales experience, whether in person or remotely.

This is the Humana difference. This is human care.

Different people have different needs.

We help support all of them.

Treating a potential customer like a human means recognizing that the plan that’s right for their family member or their next-door neighbor isn’t necessarily the plan that’s right for them. Our comprehensive suite of products and diverse range of plan types make it easy to connect people with the care that fits their lives. This results in more effective prospecting and conversion, a happy clientele and an expanded portfolio.
Our newly enhanced Medicare Advantage wellness program, Go365®, allows members to continue to earn financial rewards while staying safe at home.
Humana Honor plans are Medicare Advantage-only plans. While they may complement veterans’ VA benefits, keep in mind that other Humana plans may be a better fit for some veterans, and Honor plans are available to all Medicare beneficiaries who live in the service area. It’s important to help each client choose the plan that best fits their individual needs, regardless of veteran status. For 2021, we’re rolling out 20 new Honor plans and increasing coverage from 27 to 46 states. Honor plans feature: 
  • $0 member premium
  • Part B giveback ranging from $10 to $144 per month
  • Dental coverage
  • Annual allowance of $100 or more for eyeglasses/contacts
  • Annual coverage toward a hearing aid
  • “No surprise” fixed copay for in-network urgent care
We offer 89 Dual Eligible
Special Needs Plans (DSNP) 
These plans cover
  • 73 HMO and 16 LPPO in 26 states
  • 1,457 DSNP counties in 2021, up from 1,233 in 2020
It’s important to us that our members have access to healthy foods. The Healthy Foods card is offered as a VBID benefit to help address food insecurity and access challenges. It comes in either $25 or $50 amounts and can be used at more than 50,000 national retailers, including Walgreens, Walmart and other grocers. The card is intended to extend or supplement monthly food supplies and should not be used for pet food, alcohol, tobacco, hygienic items or OTC medications.

52% of our HMO plans now have no referrals.

Here are the states with no HMO referral requirements.
In 2021, we are adding 125 new HMO counties to impact 2 million additional eligible people.
In 2021, we are adding 98 new LPPO counties to impact 1.6 million additional eligible people.
Travel benefit: HumanaChoice® PPO network offers in-network coverage across the nation.
For more information on your local market, please review our
market benefit highlights.
  • Humana Honor plans, while available to all Medicare beneficiaries in the service area, may complement VA coverage for veterans with a $0 premium, and all but one Humana Honor plan offer a Part B giveback.    
60% of the plans (excluding MA-only plans) offered last year have maintained their Rx deductible for 2021. And to add to that, 82% of plans have either a lower or unchanged premium (61% of plans have not changed and 21% of plans now have a lower premium).
There are 73 new plans for 2021,
and over 67% of those have a $0
premium across our markets.
These are now 89  Part B
giveback plans for 2021—a
27% increase from last year.
There are now 41 more plans
with $0 PCP copays, for a total of
359 plans. That’s a 13% increase
from 2020.
We’ve removed Rx deductibles
from 62 plans, 40% of which are
renewal plans.
In 2021, Humana will be participating in the newly announced Insulin Savings Program. This CMS program provides affordable, predictable copayments on select insulins through the first three drug payment stages of the Part D benefit.
Members participating in the Insulin Savings Program will pay no more than $35 for a 30-day supply for select insulins.
The Insulin Savings Program with be available on 268 Humana and CarePlus MAPD Plans and the Humana Premiere Prescription Drug Plan.
For more information on your local market, please review ourmarket benefit highlights.

Caring for you and your clients through technology

Our Digital Marketing Materials (DMM) enable you to conduct a complete, compliant and fully remote sales presentation while maintaining social distance for the safety of you and your prospect. Plus we have other digital tools to help make the sales and enrollment process smoother for you while offering your customers convenience and transparency
Email your prospects up to three plan options at their request in order to compare plans that may best fit their needs. DMM are designed to be user friendly and formatted to facilitate a positive agent and consumer experience on computer, tablet and smartphone. After conducting a sales presentation, you still get credit for the sale if the client enrolls in the plan you presented and all other requirements are met. What’s new: Materials are now available in Spanish, DSNP, CSNP and CarePlus plans have been added to the DMM tool, and we’ve added branded materials for veterans.
This tool now offers better accessibility, an updated look and feel, the ability to modify search criteria and select a desired radius, expanded information on the details page and updated help documentation. It also includes Care Highlight, which rates providers on their cost-efficiency and quality of care.
Streamline enrollment with FastApp. The tool has been improved with the following updates: OEP, OEP-I and OEP NEW included effective date, improved Consumer Wizard, the ability to enter “POB“ and Decision Maker questions are now saved when the app is edited. Plus there is a new “please wait“ message for I-sig so the user knows when the page is loading.
Vantage has been updated to include the phone type description on the profile page, and Digital Marketing Materials are now located on the Quote & Enroll card. We’ve also made improvements to the Service Inquiry forms, and member deceased dates will now appear within your book of business.
The MRC continues to work hard for you by offering an updated user experience. New for 2021, you will be able to order promotional items from the MRC. You will also be able to access print order/credit card payment functionality, direct mail capabilities and new generic tools.
Speed up the enrollment process with auto-populated application data and the ability to support more plans than iMAPA currently does. New to Enrollment Hub for 2021: a CMS integrations service to help reduce applications from pending, an updated Spanish workflow, a standard Spanish electronic signature process (eSig) for our Humana plans, security updates and smart search functionality and other improvements to the Find a Pharmacy tool. 
This book-of-business tool helps make your job easier than ever. You gain enhanced transparency with the ability to view Humana member enrollment status, robust filtering and customized reports.
Get a custom URL that allows prospects to self-enroll in a Medicare plan. Clients can apply online anytime for the plan they discussed with you, and you’ll be credited for the sale, as long as all requirements are met.
The Rx Calculator is a straightforward tool that helps explain prescription drug costs and coverage to prospective members and helps determine the best Humana plan to help meet their healthcare needs.
* Plan details vary. Not all benefits, services and rewards are available on all plans.
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